Social Inequity In Modern America

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Social inequity is a rising issue that has affected teenagers, authors, and everyone alike. Teenagers are being affected the most by this problem, but inequity’s many forms reach different levels of society. Most of the world has felt the impact of social inequity before in some form. It is very important to bring awareness to the topic of social inequity and persecution. Authors have tried to spread awareness over the rising problem. Various genres of literature has been used as a proactive tool, yet it mostly has not changed society’s view towards this sensitive issue. With more awareness on the topic, social inequity could reach its end. This issue is definitely a problem worth fighting for. There are quite a few of rising social inequalities that are impacting teens in modern America. Racial inequity, gender and financial inequity, and bullying are the most serious of the bunch. Not only that, but all of them can have an impact on American teens and their future. It’s definitely something teenagers should pay attention to.…show more content…
This is something teens definitely need to look into, as it can impact their lives in the present day and in the near future. In fact, the way and severity that racism spreads throughout the public and their opinion makes the United States very different compared to other countries. “Indeed, the key racial problems facing the United States are remarkably similar to those which confronted the society a quarter century ago.” (Racial Inequality: America’s Achilles’ Heel) According to a recent Pew Research Center study in 2013, white households are 13 times more wealthier than black households. That is a huge gap. Statistics show that the average income of black, Hispanic, and other non-white households have fallen 9% from 2010 to 2013 surveys, according to Federal Reserve notes. Racial inequity is definitely one of the elements that can impact teenagers in modern

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