My Personal Experience: My Life In High School

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Let me start from the beginning, well High School beginning to be exact. Freshman Year. I attended a catholic school since kindergarten all the way through 8th grade. To my surprise I was over the top to be in a public school. I remember being very thrilled to finally express my “fashion” sense of style to the public, oh how I was over my head on that. Being able to express myself and the thoughts of how i was never going to wear the same white shirt over my awful grey vest with the matching skirt were all in my mind in that moment, I didn't think of my friends or the memoires i would honestly miss in the next couple of years. I think back to that Pamela and see her as someone who didn’t have any stress or found anything in her life before high school important.…show more content…
My whole life I had been in a school where they barely taught or even prepared us for the next step. I was in this protected bubble and it was filled with fantasies on how amazing and easy life would be. High School changed that for me in many ways, I experienced a new chapter in life, being somewhere completely alone physically and emotionally. Having to handle a new way of teachers and environment. Most importantly in any high school, friends. I had a hand full not to sound overconfident but my first year was my

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