What Are The Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

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Social media, according to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, is forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content. But, what users do not consider before they download the newest social media app, is all the negative effects it can have on their life. From the outside, social media may look like something that is full of happiness and joy, but the deeper it is inspected, it is really affecting society in a bad way. Due to all the negative effects, social media should be restricted to individuals because it is negatively affecting society. Social media increases cyberbullying, sets unrealistic standards, provides a lack of socialization, supplies a lack…show more content…
People are getting distracted in the workplace by the time spent on social media. According to a study, workers spend over 32 percent of their time doing non-work related tasks on social media (“Social Media Affecting Workplace Productivity: Report.”). If workers are getting distracted by social media, it could be hard to be productive during the work day and actually do their work. People are addicted to their phones and social media. A survey done by the University of Maryland showed that 18 percent of people are incapable of staying off their Facebook account for longer than a “few hours”. 61 percent of people said that they can not go a whole 24 hours without checking their social media (Moore). If people are addicted to their phones, they will be checking them during the day, which distracts them from staying on task during the work day or school day. Like employees at work, students are getting distracted at school. Students who participated in the study spent, approximately, 20 percent of their time in class on their phones doing activities not related to the class (Reed). If students are getting on social media during school, they are losing their education and will not be getting their work done. Because social media is distracting students at school and employees at the workplace, they will not be as
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