How Social Media Affects Social Interaction

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Social media has affected social interaction negatively. In my primary research, the results showed how people’s personal lives had been affected by social media. I found that 56% of the respondents felt that social media had impacted their lives negatively. Over half of the respondents showed how they had been negatively affected by social media. A significant number of responses stated “relationships are impacted with less meaningful face to face interactions.” This shows how because of social media, people’s own relationships and personal skills have been lost as a result of this obsession and over use of social media. In one of my secondary research articles, I found that 94 percent of teens who go online using a mobile device do so daily. This shows how because of this new way…show more content…
Interacting with people can often be very intimidating. Communicating online provides a less intense way to talk to each other. Many teens won't be able to handle real life situations because they won't be equipped to deal with the intimidating circumstances that may come up. This means that many teens will become antisocial and not know how to communicate making people feel isolated between peers and a loss of friends because of the inability to make or keep friends. Social media has been negatively affecting social interaction, is it time to make a change? An anonymous survey we conducted, showed how social media has changed people’s lives. An anonymous respondent from our survey had a negative viewpoint on how social media has changed social interaction, he stated “Social media has negatively changed how we communicate with people.” He feels that communicating online has created a wall, making social interaction much easier but also negatively affecting how we interact as a society with each other. This anonymous user holds this negative viewpoint
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