Should Schools Change School Lunches

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Do children have enough energy for the school day with today’s school food varieties? Schools today only serve healthy meals, they believe it’s better for the students but the students society doesn’t agree, This is why schools should change their school lunches to other varieties. One important reason that schools should change their lunches to other varieties, is that students will eat the food and not throw away the food. The problem with serving healthy food is that students will not eat it and will not have energy for the rest of the day. According to Medical daily “24 percent ate one bite of their protein.” What Samantha Olson is saying here is that the school’s serve healthy food but the children still will not eat it just because the school serves that type of food. When students don’t eat there food at all, they will just throw it away, which is a…show more content…
This has happened before, during thanksgiving. Students around the world spoke up and posted pictures to the social media Twitter. According to national review, Christine Sisto states “The trending topic #ThanksMichelleObama began when high school students posted pictures to twitter of their unappetizing thanksgiving school lunches.” Christine Sisto’s point here is that students will try with all their power so they can stop being served unappetizing healthy food everyday. Not to mention that some students count on that meal as their only meal for the day. Of course, it is possible to disagree with the view that schools should change their lunches to other food varieties. However, the weight of the evidence is on the other side. What must be remembered is that, students will still speak up however than can, from the internet to in person. This is fundamentally why schools should changed their lunches to other food varieties to make students happy and to help those that only count on the school meal as their only

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