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Why School Lunches Should be Better School lunches need to be made better. You are in lunch and you grab your tray and get your food. You go and sit down and you take a bite out of it and you taste in your mouth a cold piece of food with ice still on it. This is one of the reasons why schools should have better lunches. Schools should have better food because they could make more money from lunches, kids would eat more and stay healthier, and it would make them perform better because they won't be distracted on eating. School lunches could be made better. Some kids get lunches that are cold, not fully cooked, or not made properly. Kids could also get sick from eating lunches that are not fully cooked. If the school has a meat that day and it is not fully cooked it could lead to food poisoning or other health issues. Those are just some of the many issues that can come from uncooked lunches.…show more content…
If the kids start skipping meals they could start becoming unhealthily skinny or stop being concerned with eating lunch. Another reason is that you could not have enough energy to make it through the day. If you don’t have enough energy to do anything you can’t do well in school. Also if kids don’t eat lunch because it is it bad, it wastes the schools money and food. Schools have been low on budget for a while now and wasting food is just making it worse. If they had more money, the school could get more school supplies, fund field trips,and things like that. Some people may think that the school lunches are fine. They think that as long as kids are eating that the food is just fine. But sometimes kids get food that is not fully cooked, cold, or isn’t healthy enough for school. This needs to change because if this does not, more and more students could stop

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