Modern Warfare Dbq

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This type of attack could easily take out enemies with the element of surprise. After countless wars, with vicious fighting and unsettling deaths, a man’s instinct is to innovate and develop creations for war to be fought more efficiently. Wars such as the War of 1812 did not have innovations that truly made war more progressive such as the Civil War. The Civil War was one of the first wars to introduce “modern warfare” with artillery and new rifles. The Civil War contained intellectual tactics that made battles tougher to win. Rifles had enlarged ranges that concentrated close-quarters attacks. Locomotives served a dominating role in transferring troops to the line of fire as well as infiltration to accumulate intel from the enemy. Without…show more content…
A vital part of the Civil War’s “modern warfare” aspect was the extraordinary accomplishment of inventing a brilliant railroad system as well as the revolution in naval combat. The North built 22,000 miles of railroad track giving the Union a distinct advantage over the South. The South only built 9,500 miles of track because of their less enthusiasm in the railroad industry. The Union predominantly used their expanse of railroad tracks to export troops to different locations for support. Delivering trains was a hurried way to send troops to battlefield as locomotives could reach speeds of 60mph. Railroad systems were also used for transferring military supplies to battlefields. Locomotives were an efficient way for compulsory supplies to get to required places, but this opened railroads as a prime target for attacks. Eventually, squadrons would protect the locomotive as it traveled to the endpoint. Railroad systems weren’t only limited to delivering troops and supplies, as they served other importance in the war. Commanders would use the fast-powered speeds of the trains to their advantage to infiltrate enemy dispositions to gather vital information. Locomotives were likewise used as a communication hub to send imperative intel as enemy raiders could tap or cut into telegraph lines. Past wars that included naval warfare had a rudimentary style of battle. Bare ships, with only a wooden protection would fire cannons and ram into their opponent until it was destroyed ., When the Civil War started , naval warfare become more complicated. One naval innovation was the steam warships, which was useful in the war because of its steam powered engine. Steam boats did not have to be dependent on wind-speeds as the steam powered engine could control movements with ease, and deliver supplies in almost any

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