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Ottawa is a great example of a vibrant city and close to the nature. The capital of Canada could not be different, as it should be, the most important city in a politic aspect in Canada, mix old architecture of the parliament and traditional buildings, for instance the Canadian war museum or the national gallery of Canada, with the nature of the Ottawa River or the South March Highlands Conservation Forest, twenty-five minutes by car from Ottawa’s downtown, where people can hike, mountain bike, bird watch or canoeing on the lake. In 2015 Ottawa will host soccer games of the FIFA women’s world cup, Canada day is also a great example of big event and it happens every year, in the capital of Canada the celebration of the country’s birthday could not be more especial, streets are closed so everybody, usually dressed in red, can participate and get closer to see the parade, concerts and the traditional fireworks. In 2017, Canada’s 150th birthday, the entire year will be full of celebrations and especial events in the city, such as music, family and sports festivals and the biggest Canada day celebration ever, leaving a legacy to the city of a new art gallery, convention center and a light rail transit that are being prepared for the celebrations. Ottawa contains a lot of events that make the city vibrant for their visitors sounded by the beauty…show more content…
Food festivals like Cold Waters Seafood Festival, are really appreciated by citizens and tourists, where local chefs, supported by local sources, provides fresh seafood dishes to the public in the outdoor in Lake Charlotte, a rural village in Halifax. In this festival you have the unique experience to talk with important chef from the region and get to learn how they make traditional heritage plates from the province, such as Solomon

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