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Breyden Coates Persausive Paper Are you tired of having the same school lunches over and over? Are you fed up with school lunch food that doesn’t even taste like it should? If you are, then you and I agree that school lunches are not worth staying at school to eat, and high school students should be allowed to leave campus during lunch periods. Many schools dont believe allowing high school students to leave campus during school lunch time is a good idea. They claim that kids may not return to campus if they leave. They think the kids who leave during school lunch may be causing trouble in the community. If students are allowed to leave during the lunch hour, these students may return to school and park in parking lots they are not supposed to. Still, students sneek out of school to get lunch all the time, and guess what? They come back, they are respectful in society, and they park their cars in their designated area. High schools believe that the school lunch they serve is healthier and better for you. I disagree, the food the schools serve doesn’t often taste good, and there are not enough menu options for students too be able…show more content…
Some students would learn better if they are allowed to leave the school for a change of scenery for a short time. When they return they may feel more energized for the rest of the school day. Allowing students to be able too leave during the lunch hour may give the kids time to go home and get homework assignments or books they may have left at home on accident. This gives the student the opprotunity to have more time to be organized and better prepared. For some students, the opprotunity to leave campus for lunch periods could give them time to take a short nap and feel more refreshed for the day. Lastly, if students are allowed to leave school to spend their lunch money in the community at restaurants it can improve the

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