Creon's Duty

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The duty of a person is whatever they need to do. This will drive a person to try to do it as best as they can. It also could be called their responsibility. The responsibility for people are always different. Just like in both Antigone by Sophocles and in The tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, both set of characters stopped at nothing until their duty was fulfilled. In Antigone, the jobs of the characters played a vital role in setting the scene. The duty for Antigone was to bury her brother, and as the play showed, she stopped at nothing until her brother was buried. She felt that she had to do the will of the gods laws instead of Creon. The reason she felt this way was because and was not afraid of Creon's law and was more concerned about the duty she owed her brother. Also Creon's duty and mentality is to stop at nothing to assert his dominance and show his power. This causes a problem because Creon's law was for him to stop the burial of Polynices. The duty for Hamion is to stop his father from killing his future wife. This motivates him to go and search and try to save his future wife. If he did not feel that it was his duty to protect his future wife, the he would…show more content…
The duty for the conspirators were to take out Caesar as best as they could. This made them strive to make Rome a better place. Both the conspirators and Julius Caesar wanted the best for Rome, but the conspirators thought that Caesar was harming Rome. The job for Julius Caesar was to make Rome the best it could be. The reason was because he thought that he was doing Rome a favor by almost becoming the complete ruler. The job of Antony, and Octavian was to stop the rebellion and to become rulers. Responsibility plays a big part in the story because it explains why each person had to do what they did. It also shows how mission oriented they were to get their job
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