The Importance Of School Reform

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School reform is a term often used to reference one of the most controversial and complex issues in the public spotlight today. School reform, which is also termed education reform, represents changes made to improve the public education system (Strauss, 2016). The issue of reforming public education has long been a controversial one (Strauss, 2016). As part of the School Improvement Team at Muscle Shoals High School and former Response to Intervention/Problem Solving Team Coordinator, I have been given the opportunity to see how school reform has impacted not only our school but our system. The comprehensive school reform strategies incorporated within Muscle Shoals High School have impacted not only our students but our teachers as well.…show more content…
The landscape has dramatically changed over the course of the last few decades for the general learning environment within public education systems throughout the United States. There is more racial, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity in schools today, which requires more focus on ascertaining how to meet various types of student needs (Phillips, 2014). In consideration of this, key areas of focus regarding school reform should include how to address challenges to ensure that every student feels included in the learning process, and that all steps taken to facilitate a quality educational process for diverse student groups are considerate of their range of needs. Muscle Shoals High School has seen a change to a more diverse student population over the past five years. We have a greater number of students receiving free and reduced lunches as well as English Language Learners. Our reform methods have included the hiring of a full-time ELL teacher. Unfortunately, though our population has increased significantly, we only have one teacher for the entire district. This has been a problem for our ELL students as well as our teachers. School leadership continues to work to allocate funding and other resources to aid in the support of these students. While there are no perfect solutions to this issue, we are all learning to adapt and aid our students and teachers with this population…show more content…
We are aware that there is always room for continued improvement. We understand that for our students, reform directly impacts the quality of education provided to them and puts them on the best path for future success. We feel that gaining a better understanding of ways in which to help our diversifying student population and the increased use of technology and push for a more guaranteed and viable curriculum will continue to help our students stay engaged with their own learning process and meet whatever the future may hold for

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