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THX 1138 is listed among George Lucas’ first independent works. The movie represents the idea of a totally dehumanized world, in which the machines control the most intimate spheres of human life. The film can be viewed as an admonition by all means in a sense that it reveals the calamitous aftermaths of overusing devices and gadgets/technical tools of all kinds. THX 1138 Alludes Fritz Lang’s Metropolis to some extent. At the same time, the film complies with the so-called anti-utopian/dystopian stylistics. As far as the concepts of interpersonal relationships and intimacy are concerned, one can assume that George Lucas’ vision of the latter accords with that, that of Aldous Huxley’s and his The Brave New World. The dominance of the machines, humans’ alienation from…show more content…
Specifically, the fictional reality and the assumed vision of the future as represented in the film can be considered the director’s reflection on the possible consequences of the fact of overusing tools and humans’ alienation from their nature and each other. In case of THX 1138, it is possible to assume that the filmmakers disapprove of obsessions of all kinds and obsessive behavior as such. Excessive use of tools is viewed as one of the main causes of the tools’ dominance over humans. Obsessive behaviors are contemplated as type of perversion. Both, obsession and excessive use of technical appliances, as depicted in the film, prove themselves to be negative by equal measures. Elizabeth Hilts: Escapism, rebellion against perverted perception, conformity, ignorance, and further dehumanization of the spheres of human life represent the nucleus of the film’s thematic framework. In this respect, one of the film’s very few noticeable flaws is its deliberate naturalism. On the other hand, the deliberate naturalism of the film can be justified due to its genre and style specificity, but only to some extent. As it has been stated previously, THX

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