Disney Princesses Persuasive Essay

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“Why don’t I look like her” is the question millions of young women ask themselves everyday. The century we live in now has the mindset that women should have a tiny waist and flat stomach. Far and wide across America ladies starve themselves or spend hours at the gym trying to get the “perfect body”. So what caused this epidemic of women wanting to change their shape? A multitude of things could have put a charge in girls heads to be more like someone, barbies and disney princesses have had a significant impact on the way we want our bodies too look. Their outrageous shape is the goal of those lost young women. Barbies and Disney Princesses have been a part of little girl’s wish lists for decades. Thousands of children play with barbies or look up to disney princesses and aspire to be like them.…show more content…
The animated princesses and the dolls project this look, heck, its what made them famous. As girls grow up, they are also afraid to not look perfect. They want people to look at them and be like ¨wow, I wish I looked like her¨. I know how this feels because I was one of those girls. I wanted to have the barbie and princess shape. There's nothing worse than wanting to change to be like someone else. Adolescents today grow up around the media and their peers dying to have the perfect barbie body. Magazines and tv shows feature beautiful people with superb body. These young adults have grown up with this idea of body image. Most of these beliefs first got seeded into their head while harmlessly playing with barbies or watching the classic disney princess movies. Barbies and Disney Princesses have created a picture perfect body that has harmed thousands in their quest to obtain their

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