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Kaileigh Dill I believe as a junior at Plattsmouth High School that we deserve something to look forward to going into our senior year. We just recently got rid of leaving at 3:00 for all upper classmen, which in my opinion was a stupid decision. I think we now should have the opportunity to leave campus for lunch without having to get called out. I believe this would give us something to look forward to throughout the day, it would give opportunity to go home and grab something that got left behind, or even time to study for an upcoming exam. I think it would teach students responsibility and independence as well. If the seniors got to leave campus for lunch it would bring something for us to look forward to throughout our day. Knowing that in a couple of class periods we could leave and run somewhere; grab lunch or even a little snack it would give a little variety to the day. We do the same schedule day after day, if we could change it up it would make school more tolerable. I believe if we could leave it would make for less wasted food in the lunch room as well, most of the time for at least my table at lunch we throw away at least 25% of our food because it is just plain unappetizing. It would then also require less staff for the lunchroom since there are fewer kids.…show more content…
But, instead of having to call a parent and getting called out you could just leave at lunch with open campus and grab it and maybe a snack and be on your way. I don’t know how many times I’ve forgotten a homework assignment or even gym clothes and I couldn’t leave without parent permission or being called out, it’s a bigger feat than what its worth. It’s almost easier to go without than have to go through all of the steps to try to get to leave, If we had this free lunch period there would be less chaos with trying to get out and things would go more

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