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School Lunches Should the government impose restrictions on school lunches? Why should they impose restrictions on what kinds of food should be served at school? Is it the government’s decision what the students can and cannot eat at school? All of these are great questions and to them I say, they should impose restrictions on school lunches because obesity has become a big problem in America, and everyone could change that by the government giving schools more money for lunches, the schools could serve more of the fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables, and schools should hire high quality chefs so the food is prepared well. The government has put restrictions on school lunches and the students are not very happy about it. The schools…show more content…
They should give schools more money for lunches. Public schools don’t really work very well if students don’t buy school lunch. If the government gave the public schools more money than they do now, then the schools will buy better food. If they buy better food, then more students will buy school lunches. The question still remains, how much money do the schools need for better food? It costs the food services department about $20,000 a year (Aubrey). If the government gave the schools more than that, then the school lunches would be better. If the government does not give the schools more money for lunch, then nothing will change. If nothing changes then many more students will end up boycotting the school lunch program. Some people do not believe that the government should put restrictions on school lunches. Which is alright, if the government does not put restrictions on the lunches, then they should at least give more options. They do not have to take away the unhealthy foods. There can be both unhealthy and healthy foods for school lunches. Parents can talk with their children and make the decision on what the students can and cannot eat at school. Parents are permitted to call the school and put restrictions on what their children can and cannot eat at school. There is no need for the government to get involved, as long as there are healthier foods provided at

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