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How are students supposed to be content and satisfied with school lunches? (Rhetorical Question) Michelle Obama’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act is one of the main causes why students are not pleased with the lunches. This act was supposed to make kids healthier while keeping them full however, it did the exact opposite. In protest to school lunches, and Michelle Obama’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act students, administrators, and school officials need to get involved to help change school lunches. School administration needs to start paying attention and change school lunches because the lines are too long and students do not have enough time to eat, school lunches are too expensive and the kids can barely afford their lunch, and the lunches…show more content…
(Hyperbole) When the bell rings for lunch kids shoot out of the classrooms as if they were bullets, ecstatic. (Simile/Bonus) The students get to the cafeteria, however the lines are molasses and they have to wait a lifetime to get food. (Metaphor/Bonus) Lunch is about 30 minutes in length and 50 to 75% of that time is spent waiting in line or if a kid were at the very end if the line 85% could be spent in line and they would only have about 5 minutes to eat. (Logical Appeal) Having only 5 minutes to eat is unhealthy. A few health problems that can occur from eating rapidly are heartburn, reflux, and even food poisoning. If students eat quickly and the food is undercooked, rotten, or just awful, they might not recognize if it tastes weird or look to see if it looks spoiled when they bite into it consequently receiving food poisoning. Also, if the student eats too much too fast it can overfill the stomach, making it overflow and causing reflux and heartburn. In addition to changing school lunch lines, schools should also change the cost of…show more content…
Lunches are inconsistent in a number of ways. The lunches’ portions, taste, and how well the food is cooked are all inconsistent. The portion sizes for a high school student are ridiculous. High school students get fed to same amount that kindergarten students would. Some of the time the portions are not all the same size from day to day. One day the students might get a burger and fries but the next day they might get a corn dog. The portions of lunches need to be more consistent while at the same time giving the students the appropriate amount of food they need to finish the day. Taste is also a consistency problem. One day the school may have pasta and it is incredibly delicious however a different day the school has some mac and cheese but it doesn’t taste very good because it needs more salt or it’s too thick. Lastly, how well the food is cooked is a problem as well. A student and their friend could go and get chicken nuggets. They both sit down and bite into their chicken nuggets and the friend finds that it is pink and undercooked however the student’s is very well done and almost burnt. Undercooked food and meat can lead to a number of diseases like salmonella and can cause food poisoning. School administration needs to take the necessary steps to keep things like this from

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