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School lunches should change for the better, and become healthier. The current school lunches are extremely high in fat, and they’re not good for the students. Kids need a nutritious lunch to get them through their classes later in the day. It is proven that healthy foods energize everyone. Eating healthy foods gives them a burst of energy that will last all day. Eating right is important for various reasons, and students should be able to eat right during school hours. Schools should set that honorable example for kids. This new lunch plan has so many benefits, and barely anything negative. The first lady, Michelle Obama, also thinks school…show more content…
Michelle is running a program about how important it is for children to eat right and exercise. She believes that school cafeterias need to step up and make a big improvement on what they’re feeding their students. The current school lunch options are greasy, cheap, and simply unhealthy. Choosing to eat healthy foods leads to many other good habits. When someone eats a cheap burger, or a greasy piece of pizza it may make them feel tired, or drowsy afterwards. If they would be able to choose a healthier food item at school, it most likely wouldn’t make them feel that way. It would energize them and make them feel good after eating. American obesity is a growing problem today, and getting kids to eat healthier at school may cut back on the number of obese children in America. When people eat greasy, unhealthy food they may gain weight, or feel bad about themselves. On the other hand, when people indulge themselves with healthy food items they will feel alert, energized, and they’ll also feel much more confident about themselves. The outcome of eating this new and improved school lunch will make the kids joyful and so much more

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