Road Safety In Road Management

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This chapter will highlight the important of built environment in geometric separation of a road lane for a better lane management that will facilities the interaction of the road users on the road network. It also highlights the consequences of accident and accident reduction techniques for improvement into road safety measures domain. 2.1.2 GENERAL OVERVIEW OF U.K ROAD SAFETY AND THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT CAUTER MEASURES In general U.K road appears fairly safe by the road users for the entire transport mode, although novice driver and teenage pedestrians are view as a target group for all the danger between all the set of the road users due their respective attitude when exposure on roadway. It was concluding that some group of U.K drivers are…show more content…
Most of the crashes are often either error due to drivers speeding or pedestrian error when taking judgments on crossing the roadway. Although it was find out that slower speeding vehicle react quickly in terms accident then excessive speeding vehicle as well result to a less casualties when accident due occur. Zeedyk et al., 2002outline that less speeding vehicle is often desirable for all case considering young children will attempt to cross road without looking both side when on the curb section of the road. In a study conducted by Kraus et al., 1996 highlighted that more than 69% of injuries severe by children occur when hit at the middle of the roadway, this are due to difficulties by the children in making judgments about the speed of the up come vehicle and the lack of relative cognitive skills in making reasonable and reliable crossing judgment. The absent of this judgments ability by the pedestrians or children have contributed much on the increases numbers of traffic accident…show more content…
Investigation into traffic crashes is always complex due to the fact that a given crash rarely has explicit causes, example if a driver attention is distracted when a pedestrian step into the road way without the pedestrian observing the income vehicles and this resulted to a crash to occur. Here both the driver lack of attention and the pedestrians act of crossing the roadway is consider as the causes of traffic accident (Aworemi et al., 2010). previous research point out that it is possible to outline the causes of traffic and even propose a system solution on it. Even thus traffic accident are cause as result of interaction between; driver, vehicle, environment and roadway factors (Bhuyan, 2003 and Aworemi et al.,

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