Substitute Product Competitor Analysis

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Threats of Substitute Products A substitute product is a product that has the relatively similar function but vary in appearance that satisfy the customers’ needs. Thus, in this business trends the substitute product that may be used by the customers is the reflective safety vest and reflective tape. This two product is designed for increase the visibility of road user at the night. The disadvantage of using this product is consumer will feel uncomfortable because the need to wear another vest that cover their appearance and not style so they choose not to wear it. Then about the reflective tape it will make the surface of the material become sticky after remove the tape so it will damage surface of the surface. • Solutions: Life Saver tries…show more content…
Life Saver did it by studying of competition and we were able to determine the viability of product and related service through knowledge of strength and weaknesses of competitor and also advantage and disadvantage to make comparison on them to become source of our business. The objective of Enterprise Life Saver carried out about competitor analysis is to know about our competitors in the market. We want to know about our competitors with better able to think like them to be competitive strategy we can overcome our competitors well in the future to achieve the company's goals. Life Saver Enterprise target customer for spray reflective is road users, such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, which generally has a high potential for an accident at night. There are three types of competitors categorized. 4.1.1 Direct Competitor Direct competitor is a company which produces the same virtual good or service offered for sale in the same market as that produced by one or more other companies. But in this market, namely Malaysia, there is no technology yet. We are one of the first to create this kind of idea. In this analysis, Reflect has no direct competitors that do not have companies selling similar products or products close…show more content…
There are one future competitors that are in the same line as the Reflect spray. They serve same functions and already establish at others country. Albedo100 The reflective spray is just the same with our but it is origin from United Kingdom. This product can be our future competitors if the plan to expand their market in Malaysia. They provide several of reflective spray product. Albedo100 Reflective Spray consists of transparent glue, reflective microspheres and propellant gas (butane/propane gas-mixture). It reflects the light in the same direction as the light source. This means that when you have a thin layer of spray on your clothes, and you are hit by light, such as headlights, only the driver and passengers in the car will see the reflection. Reflect-All

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