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This music video shows a very heavy use of narrative, this being that a broken relationship that has always made Perry not do what she wanted to do in life and hold her back is finally over, because she learns to grow stronger and takes the decision of committing her life to the marines. (Amponsah, Level, and Profile 2017) Therefore, the narrative of the video is based on the transformation that the hero makes after finding out that her partner has been cheating on her. Propp's narrative functions can be applied to Katy Perry's music video as it starts off with an initial situation which contains diegetic sound as we hear a radio station in which people are calling and talking about their relationship issues: Presenter - “So why you still with them then?”; distressed woman - “He says that one day he wants to have kids with me, and that he hates traveling and being…show more content…
The editing techniques are something you would see in a film, for example a match on action like when she places her necklace down on the table. There is some editing to the beat such as when she was cutting her hair in the toilet, every cut was in time with the beat of the music so it makes it smoother. (Amponsah, Level, and Profile 2017; “Music Video Analysis - Part of Me by Katy Perry” 2017) There are also many interesting match cutting, for example, when Katy is firing the water gun, cutting to when she fired a real gun. This creates a sense of resemblance between Katy and the viewers, as it is saying that the life that Katy has in the video could be very similar to the life of the viewer: one day, they can break free and be independent as well. They also use scenes that match the lyrics like at the beginning of the song there was a shot of her driving away in her car when it said "days like this I want to drive away" making the relationship between the song and her even

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