Persuasive Essay On Speed Limits

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Introduction: Republican Congress’ first and widespread initiative in 1995 was to cancel the 55-mile-per-hour speed limit. At that phase, the highway protection lobby made apocalyptic estimates about high death and violence on the roads if speed limits were elevated. This essay justify the fact that low speed limit can be as dangerous as high speed limit or the relation between the fatality rate and speed cannot be justified. In 1995 the Democratic Congress repelled the 55-mile per hour speed limit rule. Ralph Nader even said that “history will not ever excuse Congress for this mugging on the sanctity of mankind. 33 states elevated their speed limits instantly after the cancellation of the obligatory federal speed limit. The National Highway Traffic Safety Management testified last October that “the road traffic loss rate fell to a record low level in 1997.” Furthermore, the normal fatality rate even fell in the situations where speed limit was raised. In fact, in 1997 there were 66,000 less road damages than in 1995, the year beore the speed limits were upraised. If the…show more content…
On balance, there is no basis in fact repealing that maximum speed limit leads to rise in death rate. Speed limits that are too low can be just as hazardous as speed limits that are too high. Occasionally increase speeds are harmless because they reveal the usual movement of traffic flow. In high speed most drivers maintain good job on a given stretch of road under ordinary situations. Higher speed limits have not caused more expiries is that although posted limits have been raised across the United States, normal speeds traveled have only increased by about 1 to 3 mph on roads with higher speed limits since 1995. In other words Americans were previously traveling well over 55 mph on roads formerly the speed limits were

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