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Proposed Solution The Safe System Approach: The Safe System Approach to improving road safety takes a holistic view of the road transport system and the interactions among the key components of that system. The road user, the roads, roadsides, the vehicle and travel speeds are part of that system and all have a role to play in helping to keep road users safe. Local Councils have a key role in this system. Councils provide local road infrastructure, they support local enforcement activities and provide the local community with road safety messages and information. Councils will deliver projects addressing local road safety issues to their community across the whole of the safe system influencing safer people, roads, vehicles and speeds in…show more content…
This includes Indian roads and state highways, county roads and local streets. People – some in motor vehicles, others walking or biking – cross paths as they travel through or turn from one route to another. Where different paths separate, cross or join are known as conflict points, and these are always present at intersections. Therefore, it is not surprising that a major part of addressing road safety challenges involves intersections. In the India, over the last several years an average of one-quarter of traffic fatalities and roughly half of all traffic injuries are attributed to intersections. Intersections can also become very congested when traffic volumes are high, creating inefficiency that results in user delay and frustration. They are a focal point for both safety and operations Strategies to address intersection safety are diverse. Many strategies are engineering based, including geometric design and application of traffic control devices (such as signs, markings and signals). Most of the intersection safety work by FHWA focuses on engineering – all share a common foundation in human factors. Quite often, it is a combination of these strategies that is needed to truly solve a

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