Speech About My Best Birthday

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The worst birthday ---------------------------------- Man , I love going to birthday parties. They are the best. Yea, and I bet Sue's is gonna be a good one. I hope she likes my present. You think she will? Hey, speaking of the birthday girl. Hey guys! What's up? Wow, look at you, all dressed up. Thanks, it was an early gift. I am on my way to get strawberries for a cake my mom's making me. I will meet you at my house in a few minutes. Don't start the party without me. Sue sure has been gone a long time. Yeh, I am back. Great, time to party. Happy birthday. We are all here. Worst birthday ever. WHoa! WHat happened to you? YOu look like a soggy mess of ick. I should never have left the house. And somewhere along the way, I lost my money,…show more content…
Hey, there she comes. Got it. Wow, look at that. A rainbow. Awesome. Did I step on a duck? Oh well, guess not. Back to my rainbow, birthday, birthday. Nice job there, ninja Nobi. You single handedly prevented disaster number two. This ninja stuff is gonna leave a mark. Now to face disaster number three. Why do I feel like the only person facing them is me? Well I think it's safe to say this is the spot where the giant paint happened. You are right. And look, there is Sue coming right now. Rainbow birthday Only rainbow birthday is for me. Ah geez, there is that menace on the bike again. The same guy? Yeah and if we don't do something to stop him, he will crash into Sue for sure. And if he hits Sue, then . . . Sue gets crowned with a bucket of green paint. So how the heck do we stop it? Leave it to me. The Super Sticky Starfish! Why is this happening to me today? Ninja cat scores. Rainbow birthday for me We did it. We are the most awesome Ninja team ever! Oh, yeah. Uh, whoa! Huh? Man, that was a close one. Hey, what the . . . ? There is some super weird stuff happening today. But I am only thinking about rainbows. OK, we still have to keep Sue from losing her money, and from listening to Big G's…show more content…
What? Is he making that CD now? Oh, no. I think that's exactly what he is doing. Yes. The perfect present. All it needs now is a bow to wrap it up. Hurry before he comes back to record the extended version. OK. Ninja cat on it. Must complete mission. Best strawberries we have got. Oh, no. I can't find my money. I must have dropped my wallet somewhere. Alright here is where I come in. Ninja. Found it, sweet. I am totally gonna make Sue's day. Oh, what is this? It looks like your wallet, Sue. Did you drop it? Yeah. Thanks Sneech. You are amazing. What? THats not fair. I am the one who found her wallet not Sneech. Why doesn't Nobi ever get to be the cool guy? Happy birthday, Sue. Thanks guys. You are the best, and here is my present. Someday when I am a famous singer, you can sell it for big bucks. Awesome. Let's eat some cake. Dig in. Wait, Sue, I want you to open my present first. Sure, I love it. Thanks. Well, if we are openining gifts. We did it, buddy. We gave her the best birthday ever. Seeing her happy has made it all worthwhile. You said it. It's good to be a ninja. This is a CD of me singing. Put it in. Listen to it now. Wait a second, it's empty. Score another one for team ninja. Yes,

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