Air Pollution Case Study: Birmingham City

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Case Study – Birmingham City Introduction Air pollution occurs when gases, dust particles, fumes (or smoke) or odour are introduced into the atmosphere in a way that makes it harmful to humans, animals and plant. Here the case gives an overview of the Birmingham city and the increasing pollution in its environment. The ever increasing vehicles on the city roads is making the air unfit to breathe in. Another factor which has contributed into the scenario is fast urbanization. The municipal authority is given the task of bringing new ways and techniques to bring down the pollution level. The strategies to be used include change management program will focus on transport facilities and traffic management. Issues in the Case In the present…show more content…
Air pollution from the vehicles: the vehicles on the roads add to the air pollution making the air so polluted and unfit. The emission of green-house gases into the environment creates a smoky fog which is called smog. The smog is defined as “ A form of air pollution produced by the reaction of sunlight with hydrocarbons, nitrogen compounds, and other gases primarilyreleased in automobile exhaust. 4. Health issues: This pollution thus caused by the vehicles are not only posing an environmental threat but also causing serious health hazards for the citizens and especially for old age and school going children. The roads are so full of traffic and air is filled with fumes and toxic gases inhaling the thus contaminated air is causing asthma and other serious breathing disorders. 5. Increasing car ownership: people in the city seem more convenient in using car and other private vehicle rather than depending on the public transport. This has also added more traffic on the roads especially in the busy peak hours. 6. Traffic congestions: The increased traffic, vehicles and lack of proper route planning and management leads to traffic jams and congestions on the road. The problem becomes worse in the peak working hours when the flow of vehicles private and other is all the…show more content…
His decision making abilities has to be effective and quick to handle the challenges and sudden problems. Also, the agent should while making a decision has to understand the impact of the decision on key players and the organization as a whole. Taking care of the concerns and issues of the people involved in the change process has to be efficiently managed. Leadership and vision: the change agent is the captain of the ship of change management. he is entrusted with the task of making the process smooth and painless. People involved should be lead by the agent in such manner that they enjoy the journey of change and don not feel the burden of it. He has to create the vision for a better future through proposed change. Under his leadership people must willingly accept the change. Achievement oriented: another important trait that should be displayed by the change agent is achievement orientation. He must set goals and targets for him and his team so that timely results can be achieved. He should be able to lay clear, realistic and relevant objectives. The goals that he sets for the team should be SMART. • Specific • Measurable •

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