Motorcycle Helmet Case Study

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1.1.2 History of the helmet and its laws During early twentieth century rather than safety equipment the motorcycle helmets has been used as fashion equipment. With the time passed, the helmets that made by leather materials converted to the fiberglass. That structure also not provided a defendable safety requests that suit for the riders. Even though an eye protection and head injury shield was developed, the strength of these was remained at a very poor stage. But with the improvements of science and technology gradually those requirements upgraded to prime standards. As an investigation arisen during early 1960, considering about the efficiency and improved safety of helmet usage, the American federal administration went through few key stages to minimize the quantity of motorcycle deaths. As a result of that effort during 1966 the highway safety…show more content…
In the case of manage the safety while keeping the weight at a considerable level this combination effort can be highlighted. Half Helmets: This type covers only the top part of the head. Though the half helmet type seems as unsafe, for the tropical countries this is a kind of a suitable solution to avoid form the unnecessary heat that can be trapped inside. ( 1.2: Aim of the term project Under the term project criteria, this project done to recognize the relationship between motorcycles accidents with the motorcyclist helmet using patterns. 1.3: Objectives of the project The main objective of this study was to evaluate the relationship of helmet using patterns with the motorcycle accidents happened at Ambalangoda administrative division. Furthermore, to identify the incapacities of Sri Lankan helmet laws, to identify the human attitude on safety helmets and to identify the public awareness about the motorcycle safety can be interpret as the further objectives of the

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