Advantage And Disadvantage Of Social Media

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Social media is an added tool to a set of tools for a marketer, in the 21st century it is almost inevitable for a business to sustain a competitive advantage without an online presence, the difference is for most small or new businesses your social media presence will not happen overnight, it is a process of time and dedication to make that happen which is the job of often a social media manager working alongside marketers. But when done right, social media can transform a business. According to Dara Fontein (2016) The top five social media sites that marketers should use are as follows: 1. YouTube: Monthly Users: 215,690,880 (as of March 2016) 2. Facebook: Monthly Users: 1.79 billion (as of September 30, 2016) 3. Twitter: Monthly Users :…show more content…
The new technologies and social media platforms are available for anyone to sell and advertise on, this keeps marketers and business on their toes as they are constantly striving to get ahead of their competitors. The advancement of technology in machines and new software also proves to be a disadvantage as this adds to company costs. (Jagg, 2017) Another advantage with (Jagg, 2017) recorded was homogenization. Technologies are so easy to replicate and anyone in the world can easily do so therefore it is extremely difficult living in a consistent technologically changing world, to continue to innovate and get ahead of your competitor as your marketing ideas and strategies can be easily copied. There can also be a list of risks associated with the use of new technology and social media platforms for businesses and they can be from wasting time and money and gaining to ROI, or your company could easily and rapidly spread the wrong message or information which can have a devastating backlash and effect on one's business and also a big risk is avoiding legal problems, these mainly include copyright, privacy and laws regarding spam. Therefore as a business it is vital to use these advancements in technology appropriately and with caution as it could have a detrimental effect on future business. (Business Queensland,
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