The Importance Of Growing Up In America

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Growing up is not an easy process. For me, however, growing up as a minority in a patriarchal country was even more arduous. Hopeless was the feeling that I felt the year my parents went their separate way. As a young Chinese Indonesian girl whose parents were divorced, I was ostracized by judgmental society due to my perceived imperfect background. In Indonesia, it is of utmost importance that a child is well brought up by both parents. Indonesians exceedingly value one’s family background and treat those that do not conform as outsiders. Living in a country where family background is considered as the foundation of having a successful life, I was already crippled by my parents’ separation. I was instantaneously considered the ultimate minority by being Chinese Indonesian and a girl from a “broken” home. Although I went to school and had friends just like the rest of the other kids, I was treated as if I was different. My identity was solely based upon my surroundings that I had no control of. As a young child, my education was no longer…show more content…
I need guidance from the experts in the business and fashion industries. Previously, I took fashion courses back in Indonesia and had a mentor that taught fashion illustration. Likewise, I have prepared myself to join the program by completing the prerequisites for the business and economic majors in my college. Currently a senior at EDCC, I have been trying my best to maintain a GPA of 3.82. Besides my study, I am also an active contributor to a non-profit Indonesian student organization in Seattle called Rajawali. On account of my duty as an event organizer, I get to meet a lot of Indonesian students currently studying and help them get to know their peers from other colleges. To help improve our community, I also encourage my peers to volunteer for EDCC’S Trashy Tuesday, where we pick up trash around the

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