Importance Of Marketing In Marketing

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1. WHY IS MARKETING IMPORTANT? For me, why marketing is important, because marketing is the of your business how can you build your own business without knowing or knowledge in marketing, once you put an a business you need to know to how to market you product and also services because when you say marketing sometimes is a joke why because some other people or some person there created their own master piece and then accidentally trend from their own master piece and then accidentally trend from their surroundings that’s why the marketing strategy will input in that business to have a better process, better flow and much better business and that’s the importance of marketing for me without marketing your business never be…show more content…
For example in planning a new product , in planning a new product is step by step process and you need estimate all the expenses that you need to your product and also you need to know your product is can attract your customer and easily to remember and the quality of the product to satisfied your customer needs and wants so what did you do to know your product in the market for example in advertising now a days by using technology you can easily to promote your product using the social media they can advertise their product to make trend and also they can used arties for the attraction of your customer , arties can help to easily to promote and advertise your product to easily to remember your product another process to know you product in the market , for example in promotion , promoting your product is giving importance details about your product and give some ideas about the product and telling the uses and some good back round about your product to attract your customer another example is telling the differences and the uniqueness of the product than the others for short is comparing to know your customer or buyers that you product is much better than the others. In summary marketing management process is the process of making decision properly and how can you used or apply to yourself and also making strategy to your product will trend and successful and managing your business properly to set a goals. The process to success and to know the whole result of the whole process. 3. DISCUSS THE ROLE OF ANALYZING MACROENVIROMENT IN FOMULATING MARKETING STRATEGIES AND CITE EXAMPLES OF SIGNIFICANT TRENDS IN TODAYS MACROENVIROMENT FOR THE SERVICE
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