Role Of Consumer Behaviour

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Introduction The field of consumer behaviour covers a lot of ground: it is the study of the processed involved when individuals or groups select, use or dispose of product, ideas, services, purchase or experiences to satisfy desires and needs. Consumers take many forms, ranging from a eight-year old child begging his parents for a Monster High doll to an executive in a large corporation deciding on a multi-million dollar computer system. The items that are consumed can include anything from tinned peas to a massage, democracy, hip-hop music, or a celebrity like Lady Gaga. Hunger and thirst to status, spiritual fulfilment to be satisfied by desires and needs. However, people can get passionate about a broad range of products. No matter it’s…show more content…
In many cases, however, different people may be involved in this sequence of events. The buyer and the user of a product might not be the same person, because when a parent picks out shirts for a teenager (and makes selections that can result in “fashion suicide” in the view of the teenager). Besides, another person may act as an influencer, providing those information and recommendations for or against certain products without using or buying them. For example, your friend’s grimace when you try on that new pair of shoes may be more influential than anything your parents might…show more content…
As individuals, we have inherited and learned a great many behavioural tendencies such like some beyond our control and some controllable. Further, the ways in which all these factors interact with one another ensures uniqueness. It is possible to identify factors that tend to influence most consumers in predictable ways even though it is impossible for a marketer to reach to the particular profile of a single consumer. The factors that influence the consumer problem-solving process are complex and numerous. For example, the needs of guys and ladies are different in respect to cosmetics; the extent of information search for a low-income person would be much greater when considering a new automobile as opposed to a loaf of bread; a consumer with extensive past purchasing experience in a product category might well approach the problem differently from one with no experience. Such influences must be understood to draw realistic conclusions about consumer

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