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INTRODUCTION India, being one of the largest democracies in the world having around 1.2 billion people with a wide variety of diverse culture, history, tradition, religion, caste, creed, language and ethnicities makes it one of the best place in the world to live. But despite of all this, it still faces a great challenge on the rising levels of pollution, water scarcity, poverty, improper infrastructure and transportation facilities. The Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi has launched various campaigns like Make in India, Digital India, Swacch Bharat and various other campaigns so as to overcome the present challenges faced in India and in order to develop the infrastructure and other economic conditions of the country. With the help…show more content…
Smart transportation system: In India most of the roads are narrow and it is always difficult to find proper parking space especially for people travelling through their private mode of transport and due to this people park their vehicles at wrong place and therefore it creates unnecessary road blocks and violation of traffic rules. With the help of smart transportation software system this problem can be reduced through a great extend. It works through GPS navigation as it helps the user to track his current location and provides the information regarding the nearest parking spot. But at times it becomes difficult to get the nearest parking spot so in such cases this software focuses on interlinking of public transport, that is, it guides the user to park the vehicle far from its final destination and interlinks or provides the information about the user to use the right public transport like buses or metros at a lowest fare in order to board at the final destination. This interlinking of public transportation can help them to reduce the time spent on finding the right parking place and it reduces the level of consumption of private vehicles and in return it increases the revenues of the government as it increases the consumption of public transport system and also reduces the level of air pollution as the users are guided to use public transport

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