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How marketing tools help MAS Holdings to increase their revenue? 1.0 Introduction: This report will explain the importance of marketing tools to companies which helps them to sell their products to consumers and increase their revenue. Most companies would not be able to sell their goods and services without using effective marketing tools. Marketing is the ability of a company to design a product at a price which is suitable for the market, Madura (2012, p.287). In addition, Strydom (2004, p.1) explained that, marketing doesn’t only consider the ability to sell whereas it ponders more on the ability of the producer to produce goods and services which satisfies the requirements of consumers. In this report, the author will give a detailed…show more content…
MAS Holdings provide a wide range of products to the global markets and were the first to introduce the manufacturing of lingerie to South Asia. With a turnover of over USD 1 Billion, MAS has managed to spread its products to over 10 countries mainly India and Sri Lanka, Masholdings/overview (no date). Exciting the globe with design, modernization and quality, MAS holdings has created an immense demand for all their brands all around the world. The major clientele of MAS contains joint ventures with International brands like Nike, Victoria’s secret, Marks and Spencer, Columbia Sportswear, Ralph Lauren and banana republic, Success stories/masholdings (no date). 2.2 Marketing mix elements: Kotler (1999) categorized marketing mix as the four P’s of marketing, they are: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. James Manktelow, (no date) explains that the four P’s of marketing contemplates on producing the appropriate product which is suitable for that particular market at the right moment. 2.3 MAS Holdings product range and their marketing strategies: 2.3.1 Intimate…show more content…
From this report, the author has resolved a few factors that have contributed to MAS Holdings progress and enhanced their revenue. They are: The key to MAS Holdings success is the use of efficient marketing tools which has allowed them to earn customer satisfaction which resulted in an increase in revenue, IFC (2007, p.5). MAS have a wide range of products allowing them to target a larger market. Apparel Magazine (2013), constant improvements and innovations in these products has allowed them to attract many customers both locally and globally. This helped them hold a greater market share than their competitors which resulted in an increase in their revenue. MAS take part in many CSR projects which improves their company reputation, Masholdings/swimwear (no date). Moreover, MAS carries out projects where they directly communicate with their customers to get feedback. This makes it easier for them to rectify the errors and improve their product quality, Masholdings/intimates (no

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