Deliberate And Emergent Strategy

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Strategy can be described as a given set or a course of actions adopted by a person or an organization in the achievement of predetermined objectives. (Mintzberg and Waters, 1985) classify the organizational strategies that either deliberate or emergent, although some strategies have two features both deliberate and emergent (and are therefore aptly called "deliberately emergent"). A strategy can be described as deliberate where the collective vision, objectives and intentions of an organization (in most cases, as determined by its leadership) is articulated as wide and as much detail as possible, communicated to stakeholders (namely employees - those responsible for implementation) within this organization in order to achieve a given result.…show more content…
They should know the distinction between the two strategies in order to have a base in managing their organization, and how to craft the organization strategy as well as how they should implement this strategy. By clear distinction between deliberate and emergent strategy, the managers will have the ability to respond to the message from external and internal environment and adapting the planned strategy in various ways. Strategic management is a combination of science and the arts which increases the chances of success of an organization because it involves detailed planning of each variable of the organization which can help to achieve goals and objectives. Dr. Jagdish Sheth, a respected marketing and strategic planning authority provides the framework below to understand strategic management: constantly asking the question: 'Are we doing the right thing?’. It implies attention to the 'big picture' and willingness to adapt to changing circumstances, and consists of the following three elements: formulation of the future mission of the Organization in the light of the evolution of the external factors such as regulatory, competition, technology, and development of the customers of a competitive strategy to achieve the establishment of the mission of an organizational structure that will deploy resources to carry out its competitive strategy.…show more content…
This responding can be seen when Omantel set an emergent marketing strategy in 2014 and offered double recharge card responding to” oredoo” company that do this offer trying to dominate the market. Indeed, there is no universal consensus on which approach is better than the other that each has its own advantages and disadvantages and, finally, the determination of the method of formulating the most appropriate strategy is in place in the direction of an organization. For strategies deliberate such as planned and imposed policies, it can be argued that this approach has the advantage of the clarity of purpose, as opposed to the emerging strategies; in other words, where the intentions of the Directorate are clearly and explicitly defined, it becomes easier for stakeholders to understand, identify and work towards a collective common goal at a minimal level of deviation from the objective. (Bock, A., Opsahl, T., and George, G.,

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