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Our body, including the skin should be cleaned periodically. Dust, dirt, dead cells of the skin, sebum - all accumulate, our skin does not only unattractive, but also causes some problems. Therefore, the skin should be cleaned periodically at a deeper level, especially for problem skin. It is best to go for this purpose a special beauty parlor where using advanced techniques relieve skin of blackheads or comedones, dead cells, cleanse out toxins and wastes. Vacuum cleaning person is a type of hardware cleaning person is carried out using a special apparatus for vacuum therapy. This procedure is similar to the mechanical or manual cleaning person, but in this case, a special nozzle that pumps air under negative pressure. The advantage of this…show more content…
/Contraindications for vacuum cleaning person. Despite all the advantages of vacuum cleaning person, there are some absolute contraindications that make its implementation impossible. Among them dry and sensitive skin, dilated blood vessels, rosacea presence in the stage of inflammation, dermatitis of various kinds. For example, the action of vacuum sensitive skin may be irritation and swelling. In the case of rosacea, vacuum cleaning may provoke bruising. Vacuum cleaning person should be carried out not more than once a month. The cost of the procedure ranges from ten to twenty dollars. If for some reason (child time to work and so on. Etc.). You can not visit a cosmetologist, then a vacuum cleansing can be carried out independently at home. For this there are special devices for home use. Typically, these devices are small and battery-powered or battery. But they perfectly remove grease plugs in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and other problem areas. The procedure for cleaning person using a vacuum cleaner as painless and

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