Religion: The Influence Of Religion In The 21st Century

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The most important discovery in the history of mankind is religion. Although religion isn’t a physical discovery, it has impacted and shaped the world around us. From the beginning of time, religion has either segregated or bonded groups of people, formed or wrecked nations and pushed for countries to fall into battles or alliances. Although religion may seem like a spiritual route, it has impacted the way the 21st century works. With religion, societies had formed and so did labor and division among people, breaking the bond of unity as a whole. Throughout history, it is religion that has been the center of all dramatic changes whether it be the Crusades or the rise of empires, it has influenced the way that history has been shaped. Also, in order for history to unravel the way it had, there had to be a catalyst to bring changes into the community. Religion matters today because it not only has affected the way our lives are lived but it has affected the modern schooling. Taking ICS as an example, the Bible and Christianity is integrated into the syllabus therefore teaching the kids what the religion…show more content…
They would blend their practices, worships, and societal hierarchies. The way this religion plays a role in modern society, is that not only are there terrorist groups but also repressed women voicing out their want for rights. Another prime example would be Malala Yousafzai, a seventeen year old teenager from Pakistan, who raised her voice against the Taliban in order to raise the need for rights and education. In Afghanistan, repression for women is has increased in the last decade rather than decreasing over time. Although nowhere in the Qur’an does it mention for women to be repressed, it is taken to extreme measures with an over exaggerated understanding of what the holy book
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