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The American Dream houses three main concepts: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, throughout American history ideals of the American Dream have altered in order to keep up with the beliefs of an era. When the Puritans settled in the New World, their aspirations revolved around religious freedom and practicing religion in the way they saw fit. One century later, during the Revolutionary Era, the primary goal of Americans was to be politically independent. Although the American Dream changed, God and religion remained important to the American people. The hopes and dreams upon the arrival of the Puritans greatly influenced the three main principles of the American Dream. The American Dream of the Puritans concentrated on religion,…show more content…
While the American Dream still consisted of three main principles, the idea of liberty was shifting from religious freedom to political independence. The idea of having political freedom was prevalent in the minds of the American people. After being under the rule of the English Crown for more than a century, the colonists wanted to become their own sovereign nation. Following the French and Indian War, Britain enacted more taxes on the colonists to raise revenue to pay off the war debts. The colonists’ frustration gradually expanded in regard to the new taxes and eventually developed into the sentiments of resentment towards the King; this in support of the creation of their own country. The American Dream changed from the desire for religious freedom that the Puritans wanted, to the political freedom that the colonists…show more content…
In his final edition of Poor Richard’s Almanac, Franklin states that “God helps them that help themselves” (111). He believed that if people worked hard and tried to better their lives themselves, God would aid them in their endeavors. Therefore, he tried to motivate people to strive for their American Dream. During his twenty-five years of publishing the almanac, he aimed at giving advice to the people on how to be successful and wealthy in their lives. Through his witty words and emphasis on God, Franklin aspired to help people fulfill their American

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