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Worldview? What's your worldview? Before anyone can answer this question, we must first know what the word worldview means. The definition for worldview is a philosophy of life or conception of the world. Everyone in the world has a worldview and none o the view the world the same. There are 7 questions that you can answer to determine your own world views. I'll answer these 7 questions to show my world views. The first question is what's real? What's real to me is everything. the world around me is real and also Jesus Christ is real to me as well. I believe that Jesus is real because of the things that I have experience so i believe that Jesus is real. Another thing that is real to me is the things that happen to people around me. What is the world around me? The world around me is a corrupt one. I believe…show more content…
So knowing right from wrong has always been in my head, I always knew when I was doing right and when I was doing wrong but my mother always taught me the right way to do things and my father also always taught me the right ways to do things so once I learned I felt like I was doing wrong whenever I did do wrong so I learned what was right and what was wrong, after I learned I could begin to infer what was right and wrong. So knowing what is right and what is wrong is somewhat a natural thing but it is also something that is taught but not only our parents but from the world and experiences. What is the meaning of Human History? In my opinion the meaning of human history is merely just to learn from. History is being made every day, everyone in life has their own history and as most people do they use their history to learn so that they will not make the same mistakes over again. he earth has been around for over 4 billion years and since the earth has been around history has been made. Humans first begin to keep records of things around 2900 BC with the Sumerians in Mesopotamia. It doesn’t get any later than that. That was the first time history was

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