The Similarities Between The Impact Of Colonialism In America And Australia

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The British have colonized many countries in the past, two of them were America, which was called the 13 colonies before. The other one is Australia. There are a few similarities and differences between the impact of the colonialism in America and Australia. The similarity is that in the end, both countries lost their land and resources, because they were taken away by the British and that their own religion and cultures got taken away from them too and was forced to change into the British religion and cultures . The difference in the impact of colonialism was that in Australia, the British improved the trade making Australia more wealthy and prosperous. In America, the british did not want to trade away their goods and were forbidden to trade goods from outside of its empire. In Australia, their land was loss and they lost their resources as their farm lands were…show more content…
The British also claim that they “help” the australians by introducing their religions and cultures to them, but the Australians didn't want it, they have their own religion that they want to follow. “They tried to ‘save’ them by introducing them to their religion, however, the Aboriginals had their own religion”. Meaning that the British looked down on the Australians thinking that their religion wasn’t as good as the British religion. In America, the british took away their religious studies such as Christianity, because they wanted everything to change into what they wanted it to be. There was a large group of protestants about it. “Despite the determination to practice their own interpretations of, mainly protestants, Christianity in New World freedom, many Americans were in fact intolerant of sects that failed to conform the majority local orthodoxy.” Meaning that the Americans protested about letting them have Christianity in New World freedom but the community did not

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