How Did Martin Luther Changed Religion

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NHD Draft Martin Luther has changed religion for ever by just giving his opinions on and convincing people what was happening in the churches was wrong. He rewrote the bible in German to spread christianity around the world. He had also made it so people that hold authority in churches couldn't have over ruling power because of a family tree or were they had come from of where they stand. Him and his amazing journey powerful friends to help him and try many thing to see if this was right for him also if he was in over his head Martin Luthers felling on the church and how they should show people religion furthermore not force it to people. He had many felling on the churches and how they are connected to the pope and king and he felt region is apart from that because it didn't give people the freedom they needed to feel good about the religion.He helped people feel comfortable and he was a leader for telling it to people and not telling people to do it like the people in the churches at the time.People in the churches got power hungry and used it other ways so he lowered the power of the people in the churches by all of his speeches and how he explained religion to people. He tried many other regions to see if they would fit him and he felt christianity is the one. Martin Luther's…show more content…
Martin Luthers german bible, There were lots of books attributed to martin Luther but what he did with all these books is even better. As he got them he started translating them so people can read them that were foreign to the religion and didn't speak the language could read about it and have the religion that he felt so strongly about. This made him a leader because, people were happy that he was one to feel good and free about religion because, at the time the churches forced you into religion and he made it feel like you had a choice.
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