Renaissance And Reformation Summative Assessment Task

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“The Renaissance & Reformation Summative Assessment Task” At the end of the Middle Ages a prosperous time began in Italy and spread throughout Europe which was called the Renaissance. The Renaissance started during the 1300s and lasted to the 1500s. The word Renaissance is the French name for rebirth. It was a rebirth in arts and learning. This time truly changed people’s view of the world. The Renaissance caused by different things but the massive impact was the idea of humanism. Humanists believed that all human beings that potential and value. They attempted to balance holy faith with certainty in the power of the human mind. Their method of opinion had a say to the burst of ingenuity during the…show more content…
The humanist belief that people have power within themselves but the church felt due to the fact that they had a lot of power. The church had a difficult time adjusting to this new way of thinking. Even though the church’s influence was weakening as can be the Great Schism, the status of religion kept growing. This growth continued up to the time known as the Reformation. The Reformation was a time when the church’s religious and moral authority began to weaken because they did wrong things and abused power. Protestants didn’t agree with the church leaders violating the biblical laws and selling salvation to people and tried to purify the church. That led to wars and so many religions being created. The Catholic religion was no longer the religion Europe that almost everyone followed. The change of politics was due to different thing and one is the Great Schism which was a division in the church. A lot of people no longer wanted the church to have all the power and so a struggle for power between the popes and the emperors which made…show more content…
The religion was mainly Catholic while during the Renaissance all different religions were made. Political issues were primarily up the church leaders. Social structure as far as I know didn’t change much. Medieval culture was filled with aged things and the Renaissance fresh things were made and experimented. The renaissance changed men’s view of the world and one way was that it caused people to have a more scientific view of the world. Instead of relying on false notions, zodiacs or faith, people commenced to broaden their intelligence and rely more on science to clarify the human body. People got to witness a modern type of art, literature, and science. I think man’s view on man changed due to three important parts of the Renaissance which are science, literature, and the arts. There was a new type of art know as Renaissance art which had marvelous work of art. Renaissance art showed new types of styles and artistic freedom. Literature also changed man’s view of the world. For example William Shakespeare wrote “in apprehension how like a god.” During the Renaissance people were viewed as amazing works of art while in the Middle

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