The Pros And Cons Of Anti-Jewish Propaganda

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Everyone knows about the Holocaust and the propaganda used against the Jewish religion. How the Nazi party twisted the perception of a country and split it into two. How the people treated the Jews and what happened to someone who was a Jew during the 20th century. Using corrupting propaganda, the Nazi party was successful with their plan for the Jewish race. But what kind of message did anti-Semitic propaganda use? Anti-Jewish propaganda corrupts the few of the jewish religion by using racial, discrimination, and dehumanizing methods. Anti-Jewish propaganda intensified a racist view of the religion. In the first piece of propaganda the flag of Israel is being burned with a lighter. The flag of Israel is used for the religion because of…show more content…
In the second image, a man who is fat, lazy, and rich, sits in a chair that has writing from the Torah on it. The star of David placed on his coat pocket and in his hand, a large cigar. On the table sits more cigars in a box and he seems to be sleeping. The poster itself is red to draw attention to the image and the text. This image depicts the Jewish leaders of the world as being rich and lazy people. During a time when food rations came about and everyone had to work for survival, someone who was fat and lazy was someone that people didn’t like because they were not suffering like them. Saying that this Jewish man is fat and lazy draws the conclusion that the same can be said about other Jewish people. Equally important, the text above the man’s head is a stab at the political beliefs of the Jewish race. The words, “ This is the true and only goal of the Bolshevik World Revolution”, read at the top of the poster. The Bolshevik World Revolution was a communist movement during the early 20th century. It tried to turn Europe into a communist regime, but when the Nazi party came to power it quickly changed. Socialism took over and anyone that was a Communist quickly became discriminated, but during this time, a majority of Communists also happened to be Jewish. This particular piece of propaganda made it seem like Jewish people are fat, rich, greedy communists. By discriminating Jewish people

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