How Did The Protestant Reformation Affect Society

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The Protestant Reformation heavily changed society which impacted several countries in Europe today. For example, it changed the way people looked at the Roman Catholic Church and because of that it ended up in creating the Protestant Church. The Protestant Reformation took place during the sixteenth century throughout Western Europe. Some countries like in Germany, the Netherlands, England, and France had huge effects on them because of the Protestant Reformation. Overall, the Protestant Reformation caused changes in religion, the economy, and the political party in very important ways. Change in religion was one of the causes of the Protestant Reformation. What is the Protestant Reformation? Well, the Protestant Reformation is a religious movement that attempted to change the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church didn’t want to change so out came a new church called “the Protestant Church.” A Protestant Church is a christian faith based church. During this time period, various groups outside of the Roman Catholic Church named Albigenses, Waldenses, and some others opposed the Roman Church because they didn’t agree one-hundred percent with it (, 9/3/15). Those…show more content…
The political party is a cause of the reformation because the wealth of one’s country will effect on how good or bad their society is. In this case, the political party is extremely important because it seems in the Roman Catholic Church the priests would sell tickets that “supposedly” get you into heaven. People believed them and switched the “entrance” passes for money. But, in reality it’s all just a really big scam. When they sold these passes, the priests, would be very persuasive and pretty much tell you all you want to hear to get into heaven, and people believed them because they would make it sound like if you didn't buy one, you’d go to the devil otherwise (,

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