Islam Empire Of Faith Analysis

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Islam: Empire of Faith The purpose of the movie was to inform us about Islam and Muslims, and how they were created and who the leader of the groups were. The movie was good because it had informed us about stuff we wouldn't even know about. The content in the movie was a little dull and boring but we did learn and that's all that matters. We learned about the five leaders and how they had changed the land and its people forever. The movie was pretty boring and it didn't cover all of the information in about them and how they changed everything. I learned that Muhammad was the person that started the Islam, and was called the trusted one because, he was thought to be getting his information from God. The Islam religion changed the land they originated from and also the rest of the world because of their faith in God and all of their beliefs. They also changed most of the other religions at that time with their words from God and how they changed the lands power into their favor. When the Islam's took over the land that also had a part in helping changing everyone from no believers into the children of God. When they took over the old rulers that terrorized the land, changed into religious people that have their own beliefs.…show more content…
Their culture is very kind and gentle because when they took over they didn't kill or kick out the innocent people they let them stay and become followers of God. Islam was the big start for all cultures because, they allowed all types of people into their religion so they can become believers of God. This religion unlike all the others they only believe in one God that created all these people. The Islam's started out small when they started but they grew larger in numbers when they won battles and took over the land to make it a holy

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