The Impontative Narrative: A Story Of Amontillado

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It was in the middle of carnival season. The music was blasting loudly to conciliate the moment of such a wonderful occasion. Keeping my head up, I looked around. There were people dancing, swaying their body in time with the music. Others were sipping on their drinks lightly, smooching and chit-chatting with each other. It was then I spotted Fortunato who was wearing a belled suit, enjoying himself at the carnival festivities. He was speaking to an acquaintance of his that were hobbling and jerky, who were obviously drunk. Even though he was not sober, he offered his faithfulness and his kindness to him. I took my steps gracefully and waved at him. He seemed delighted to see me. I started the conversation. “My good friend Fortunato, what a pleasure it…show more content…
Waiting for the right time, I began to reach something on the ground. Acting fast, I picked up a huge stone, inflicted a heavy blow on the back side of his head. His eyes literally bulged out from their socket. I hurriedly covered his mouth with my hands before he let out a beastly roar and cried out of pain. Fresh crimson blood was oozing out from his head. “I’m sorry, my friend. I have my faith only on the dead. Only the dead pledged to secrecy.” I looked straight into his bloodshot eyes. Tears began to stream down his cheeks unbiddenly. The ugly truth became clear to him only on the verge of death. “You bastard! You betray me! I will never forgive you!” Tears blurred his vision. He was so overwhelmed with the excruciating pain that he hardly wished to live. He grabbed his head which was bleeding profusely in pure agony. He had no energy to fight back. Adjusting his breath, he attempted to lessen the amount of blood loss. I shoved his face down on the ground and tied him up on the second chair, beside the unconscious Fortunato. He was trussed up with the thick rope no matter how hard he tried to unwind

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