Arnold's Thoughts In The Poeld By Arnold Arnold

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Arnold repeatedly writes his sentences in a passive form in his poem. Additionally, he ends his sentences before the end of his complete thoughts. These enjambments that he uses make the new lines to start without a verb or subject, simply becoming clauses. This is to say that Arnold doesn’t continue his thoughts in one line unlike people who attempt to end up their thoughts with others avoiding an extended talk. This is to say that people prefer to stay alone talking in a limited way, whereas Arnold prefers a non-ending talk which makes him extend his thoughts in many lines. The entire poem of Arnold represents an extended metaphor that compares the desperation and loneliness that each individual feels to the solitary confinement of islands from larger bodies of land. From the first stanza of the poem, an extended metaphor is set up; as the poet compares humans to islands to address his point on isolation. In the first stanza of Arnold’s poem, the poet proposes by this extended metaphor how distant people are from one another. The…show more content…
The usage of the word echoing in line 2 of the poem, it was clear that the author’s purpose was to make his readers understand how large the rift is between the people. Furthermore, the poet also uses the words estranging when he refers to the sea in order to indicate solitariness. These words give off a feeling of unhappiness and dolefulness that shows the amount of emotion the poet puts into his poem. Arnold paints an image of a vast sea between the islands or more specifically people who are symbolized by the image of islands. Arnold emphasizes the issue of people’s separation in his famous line "[w]e mortal millions live alone." Notice that the poet italicizes the word “alone” to stress the strong effect of this eerie word in drawing out the theme of isolation that is spread all over the

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