Reflective Reflection In The Classroom

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As to me, I think the module video presents a variety of skills and concepts that help teachers in creating a well-managed and effective classroom that provides an environment in which teaching and learning escalate by setting clear and well-organized classroom rules and procedures. An effective learning can be maximized in a secure learning climate, where the teacher and her students feel comfortable. It is very beneficial that both, the teacher and the students must be encouraged and motivated; Students to learn and acquire the adequate knowledge, and teachers to facilitate learning. Effective teaching and learning are synchronized and can’t be accomplished in poorly managed classroom. A good example was introduced in this module is Mr. Jones…show more content…
Such strategies will make students less disruptive and more engaged in the learning process. In addition to that, the teacher should move among the students and monitor their work to keep them on track. The closer we get to students, the less likely they continue misbehaving. I think if Mr Jones arranged his class in a U-shaped arrangement, walked among his students and diversified his teaching strategies, he would be able to see all the students, manage his class and engage them in the learning process especially those who were sitting at the back of the class. At the beginning of my career I used to teach by lecturing which made my students bored and uninterested in the subject, in other words they hated science. Students should be actively engaged in the learning process, and to improve my teaching method I attended workshops and took coursework in cooperative and active learning techniques. I incorporated these techniques into my teaching. To increase the student’s engagement, then the teacher needs to increase student activity by asking the student to do something with the knowledge and skills they have

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