Tuesdays With Morrie Literary Analysis

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We are all very focused on our occupations and the money we make. However, this does not, and can not, make us truly happy. Mitch Albom represented this idea in his non-fiction book, “Tuesdays with Morrie.” In this novel about a true story, Morrie Schwartz, a former college professor and friend of Mitch’s, who is a busy and hard-working sportswriter that is focused on his job, is diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. This disease would slowly shut down his body, and would take his life. Mitch, who is a busy sportswriter that is focused on his job, hears about Morrie’s fatal condition by chance through a news interview on television. Mitch, concerned about his old professor, goes to visit him for the first time in sixteen years on a Tuesday.…show more content…
Learning how to find authentic happiness is a difficult lesson to learn, but an important one. It’s a lesson that Morrie taught to Mitch, and one that Mitch wanted to teach to all of us through his writing. We need to have those moments in our lives that give us a real purpose among our neighbors, because no amount of money could buy the feeling that comes when speaking with a long-lost friend, and no status in your occupation can equal giving assistance to a loved one in need. Focusing on the people we love and the kindness we can give to them, instead of the wealth we enjoy temporarily, will bring us far greater happiness than money and power. If we all applied to our lives what Morrie knew and believed in, this world be a much happier place, with a much brighter

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