Battle High School Data Reflection

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Data Reflection Reflective activities in this supervision course has helped to take an in-depth look at supervising a school with the demographics of Battle High School (BHS). BHS is has a population of 30% blacks which are 67% of the discipline referrals. 50% of the population received free or reduced lunch and approximately 25% of the students ended each semester with 1 or more F’s on their report card. Faced with this information one may feel discouraged. I on the other hand feel it is simply a place where lots of improvements can be made. In light of the fact that you should not judge a book by its cover, I looked into the achievement data for communication arts and math. Communication arts shows that approximately 60% of the students are proficient or advanced, however in Mathematics only showed approximately 25% of the population proficient or advanced. Recruitment and Retention Recruitment and retention of teachers for a school like this can be difficult. From the outside things can look bleak,…show more content…
If they feel they can’t grasp the requirements of the role, handle the load of the students or courses, or feel ill-equipped for the job they are more likely to leave. Our district spends lots of resources to give current employees PD that will equip them for the many tasks and roles they have. Large scale changes have been taking place the last 3-5 years within the district from Common Core objectives, to technology integration, to addressing inequities. Responsively adapting to these needs, the district has created districtwide leadership teams. Each team then reports and trains teachers at their respective schools, in response teachers implement strategies within the classroom. The PD’s have caused many educators to look inwardly and reflect on pedagogy, methods of instruction, daily practices, and student relationships which inherently bring then to a tri-fork in the

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