Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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“There are more gun clubs and gun shops in the United States than there are McDonald’s” (Han).Guns and gun control is one of the biggest controversial topics in the united states right now. With all the school and mass shootings in the United States, it’s impossible to just ignore. Not all gun violence can be dissolved but a lot of it can. With more regulations and, restrictions like proper training would decrease purchases with malicious intent, guarantee that a person with a legal firearm knows how to properly handle it, and most of all reduce the amount of gun violence. Education with gun control can do major damage to actual gun violence. In the regulating of guns, people should first above all know how to properly handle them before they…show more content…
Furthermore, there is a risk of shifting gun ownership completely to criminals”(Epstein). This argument for gun control basically states that if there were gun control laws, they would be too broad and stop people dead in their tracks from getting guns legally. In this argument, there are examples of other countries with much larger restrictions, “In response to a 1996 mass shooting, Australia made guns a privilege, not a right” (Carlsen). Now decades ago Australia realized that restrictions are needed to stop or at least reduce these awful events that are happening all over America right now. Yes, the second amendment is considered a right, but the right was written during a time where a rifle took a minute to reload and made it basically impossible to have a mass shooting. “They simply weren’t reliable enough for use on the battlefield” (Doeden). We are in a different time where automatic rifles hold hundreds of rounds in a single clip. I believe that the fathers of our county had no clue how guns would progress in the future and the horrible ways in how they would be used. We need to reexamine how we look at them, not as a right, but as a privilege and try to reduce horrible events like mass shootings from

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