Importance Of Foreign Relations

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Foreign relations is the management of relationships and dealings between two countries. Any results of foreign policy dealings and decisions can be considered foreign relations. The idea of long-term management of relationships followed the development of a professional diplomatic corps that managed diplomacy, the term diplomacy has been taken to mean the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of groups or nations. Foreign relations are governed by several conditions within which they exist: . Chronological - foreign relations may be operational and ongoing where other nations are concerned, or project-based and temporary where non-state international agents are concerned; they may relate to factors of historical or future considerations . Contextualised - foreign relations may be particularly affected by pertaining to regional, economic or common goal oriented international organisational issues, etc. . Environmental - foreign relations may develop to be cooperative, adversarial, predatory, altruistic, mentoring, parasitic, etc. . Dynamic - Contain a degree of dependence or interdependence; a colony would have a static…show more content…
There would be direct investment in a country which welcomes other economies of the world . Other countries will only come in a country for direct investment if they have good foreign relations . “Two enemies will never help each other” it means that two countries with bad relations will never go with the process of integrating of economies , they will never invest in each others country . There will be no process of direct investment and portfolio investment . Thus this will not promote the process of economic development and growth in both the countries thus it is important for every country to have good relations with other countries in the world as it plays a key role in economic development and

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