Argumentative Essay On Plastic Surgery

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Introduction: The beginning of the 21st century brought many big innovations and fresh ideas in life of people. There are such types of dependence, as narcotic and alcoholic, but few people know about dependence on plastic surgery. Speak about it not so more, in spite of the fact that the number of the victims increases every year. The plastic surgery seeks to restore or improve appearance of the person after a wound or an illness. But people generally think of the appearance and turned plastic operations into a toy. Doing of cosmetic operation on teens is a considerable problem for health care, but, unfortunately, the big part of surgeons don't consider important health of children dare to do the operation. In many developing countries, the inappropriate surgical help leads to congenital anomalies which go, unprepared, and curing wounds turn into…show more content…
According to Stephen Colen, president of the department of cosmetic operations at Hackensack University, teenagers should not do something in an unhealthy way pediatric operation is treacherous and dangerous, pediatric operation is treacherous and dangerous (Marcus). Due to facial cosmetic surgeon Min Ahn, medical doctor of the Aesthetic Wellness Center at Westborough, Asian people who have eye surgery aren't trying to look more other cultures, there is cultural belief with certain features both the main identity of the person and features, even their potential for future success (Marcus). In the document some evidences such as a video about plastic surgery on adolescents. The article is balanced: some doctors have a positive and other ones have a negative assessment about cosmetic surgeries on teenagers. The source has not an evaluation of these problems. The author did not write evaluations and analysis after each evidence and facts. The article has many doctors’ points of

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